“The Show Must Go Online!” Musical

“The Show Must Go Online!” Crest Cast Performance

Crest Cast Featuring:
Ian Budworth, Ansley Burns, Allison Chen, Sarah Chen, Riley Corliss, Edward Hsiao, Hanna Hsu, Charlize Hsu, Tara Ingale, Kayla Kim, Jacqueline Li, Kylie Liang, Ava Li, Olivia Li, Lauren Man, Akhil Marri, Jillian McCloskey, Natalie Kaye Ngo, Mikayla Otto, Siona Rao, Lily Ramirez, Aidan Russo, Dawson Spain, Dhriti K Srivats, Chloe Sioeng, Alexander Stone, Hannah Sun, Celina Wang, Yufei Wang, Ivalyn & Ivarett Yang

“The Show Must Go Online!” Colgate Cast Performance

Colgate Cast Featuring:
Ian Budworth, Sophia Bolanos, Miles Bui, Ansley Burns,  Allison Chen, Sarah Chen, Cheryl Chiu, Zacharias Cobb, Riley Corliss, Mackenzie French, Hanna Hsu, Tara Ingale, Logan Ji, Kayla Kim, Ava Li, Kylie Liang, Lauren Man, Natalie Kaye Ngo, Stephanie Noble, Mikayla Otto, Juliet Oyoung, Siona Rao, Lily Ramirez, Dawson Spain, Alexander Stone, Hannah Sun, Ivalyn & Ivarett Yang, Annabelle Ye, Cynthia Zhou

This year’s 2020-2021 Performing Arts Program was able to offer Show Choir virtual live classes twice a week with Ms. Keely and her staff throughout the 1st half of the school year. Thank you for supporting the program and making this possible.

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